Christ Community Church

About Us

Christ Community Church is a relatively new church in Newton, MA. We publicly launched in September 2014, and continue to see God’s grace and glory on display in gathering together a group of people who prize Jesus Christ. Join us on Sunday nights at the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church in Newtonville. Our hope and joy is to proclaim Christ until He comes again.

If you live outside of eastern Massachusetts and want to support our mission, we desire your prayers: that God would move us speedily forward in faith, holiness, gospel readiness, unity, love, and in magnifying the glory of God’s grace in Jesus Christ by proclaiming Him to all peoples for their everlasting joy in God.

Explore our website and acquaint yourself with this local expression of Christ’s body — our mission, vision, values, and teaching. We hope to become well-acquainted with you in Christ, if not face to face, at least in prayer together that “people dwelling in darkness” would see “a great light,” that “those dwelling in the region and shadow of death” would behold the dawning light of Christ as we preach “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:15-17).

Thank you in advance for your interest in our church. We are in excited to see what God will do through our knee-bent labors for His great name and glory in Newton. Come visit us soon. We would love to meet you and point you to the God of glory and grace, and to his Son Jesus Christ.

With trembling joy and eagerness,

Erik Schaefer
Brian Mahon