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Gospel of Luke

Praise God for Jesus: Kingdom Life, Part 6

Luke 18:31-43

Treasuring Christ Together, Now to Forever: Kingdom Life, Part 5

Luke 18:18-30

Receiving the Kingdom of God Like a Child: Kingdom Life, Part 4

Luke 18:15-17

Holding Fast to the Heart of the Gospel: Kingdom Life, Part 3

Luke 18:9-14

Persistent Prayer Prevails with God: Kingdom Life, Part 2

Luke 18:1-8

Kingdom Life between Kingdom Come and Kingdom Coming, Part 1

Luke 17:20-37

Where Are the Nine? Rightly Receiving God’s Grace

Luke 17:11-19

The Christian’s Duty of Happy Holiness

Luke 17:1-10

The Rich Man and Lazarus: Tables Turned for All Eternity

Luke 16:19-31

God’s Law Urgently Calls You to Christ

Luke 16:14-18