Christ Community Church

Sunday E.Q.U.I.P.

Sunday “E.Q.U.I.P.” is an exercise meant to better equip us for corporate worship on Sunday evenings. We want to help you reflect on the sermon passages and familiarize yourself with the songs we’ll sing.

This week’s passage is Proverbs 3.5-6.

E—EYES to the passage. Read Proverbs 3.5-6. As you have time, try reading Psalm 16, especially verses 5-6, and Psalm 77, noting especially verse 19.

Q—QUESTIONS for reflection.

  1. There are two main ways that the Bible talks about the will of God. Read Ephesians 1.11, then 1 Thessalonians 4.3-5. What’s the difference?
  2. In his book Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung talks about the will of God three ways—God’s will of decree (think Ephesians 1.11 above), God’s will of desire (or what He demands/commands us, think 1 Thessalonians 4.3-5 above) and, then, God’s will of direction. And he says that when we talk about ‘being in the center of God’s will,’ God’s will of direction is what we mean. We have decisions to make in life, and we want to know what God wants us to do—but there’s no chapter and verse about who to marry, and we can’t know if it’s God’s decreed will until it comes to pass. God simply calls us to make wise, prudent, sensible, biblically-enriched, God-centered decisions—and trust Him with what unfolds! A quote from his book that stuck out to me, ‘God does not have a specific plan for our lives that He means for us to decipher ahead of time.’ What do you think about what he says, there? Consider Proverbs 3.5-6; Proverbs 16.9; Proverbs 20.24.
  3. God invites us to make wise decisions, and so shape our lives for His glory (understanding that He’s always with us, caring for us, preserving us, and using [recycling] even our missteps for our eternal happiness). We need to get wisdom, Proverbs 4.7. How can we get and grow a wisdom that guides our decision-making? Think on Proverbs 16.20; Proverbs 16.3 and Proverbs 20.12; Proverbs 15.22, Proverbs 27.9 and Proverbs 27.19; Proverbs 17.24; Proverbs 3.5-6.
  4. Christ is our Wisdom. How does Jesus enter the decision-making equation? Think about God’s goal or sovereign direction for your life in Romans 8.28-29. Consider, then, also the goal of your decisions. How does this free us up to act on wisdom and make decisions, knowing that things aren’t always going to go as planned—maybe not even very well—maybe, in the eyes of the world, even fail?
  5. Of all the decisions that a human being makes in life, what is the most important? Take a moment to breathe in Mark 10.21-22.

U—UNITY of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4.3; also 4.13). How can we take this passage and use it to love one another, so that we’re knit together in love? Reflect on the following: 1) the call we have to be wise counselors for one another, Proverbs 28.10; 2) the call we have to be teachable and humble before our God, the sovereign Lord of all, and the call to receive the wisdom of others well, Proverbs 27.17; 3) the importance of urging one another on towards God-centered wisdom and a biblical worldview that shapes our decisions and, so, our lives, Proverbs 2.1-6, Proverbs 4.7; 4) the role we play in encouraging one another to make decisions, take some risks, trust the Lord, and enjoy the ride to glory.

I—IGNITE for Christ. What excellencies about Jesus ignite in us a greater love for Him that reaches out to all to make Him known? Consider 1) that the great goal of God in your life—in and through all things—is your conformity to Jesus Christ! 2) that embracing Him is the single greatest decision you have ever made, and that without regret—ever! 3) that because of His life, death, and resurrection, God promises to recycle our missteps, stumbles, and sins for our good and His glory.

P—PRAY that we will be a people enriched with godly wisdom, until walking humbly with our God in all things is the gospel-driven default of our hearts. Pray for our humility, our teachability, our thoughtfulness, our prayerfulness, our wisdom, and pray that many will come to know Him Who is our wisdom.


1) Be Thou My Vision 
2) Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
 3) Before The Throne Of God Above 
4) O Father You Are Sovereign (Just check we are thinking the same song*) *
5) It Is Well With My Soul