Christ Community Church

Sunday E.Q.U.I.P.

Sunday “E.Q.U.I.P.” is an exercise meant to better equip us for corporate worship on Sunday evenings. We want to help you reflect on the sermon passages and familiarize yourself with the songs we’ll sing.

This week’s passage is Luke 5.1-26.

E—EYES to the passage. Read Luke 5.1-26. As you have time, try reading Jeremiah 16.14-21, Leviticus 13.45-46, and Daniel 7.13-14. These very much inform the three major parts of this passage.

Q—QUESTIONS for reflection.

  1. When the first disciples left everything to follow Jesus in Luke 5.11, what was their commission? What did following Jesus mainly prioritize (see Luke 5.10)?
  2. In Luke 5.1-11, Jesus is showing what it basically looks like for us to win souls to Christ by how He guides them to the great catch of fish. He’s relating the two. What do you see in these first verses that equips and/or encourages our evangelism?
  3. As we begin to follow Jesus and observe how He ‘fishes’, what do you think the main lesson is in Luke 5.12-16 (sit awhile on what the *outcast leper begs, and Christ’s response)?
  4. Unlike the leper, the paralytic is someone we’re more inclined to empathize with in Luke 5.17-20; yet, Jesus doesn’t first deal with this man’s physical paralysis. What does He deal with first, and what might that reveal about Jesus’ priority in fishing for people? Bonus: Faith brings Jesus’ forgiveness. How might you describe faith, here?
  5. In Luke 5.17 and 21, we meet the Pharisees and scribes for the first time in Luke’s Gospel, and see opposition from the Jewish religious leadership. What’s the cause for that opposition, here (see Luke 5.21)? Have they rightly discerned the issue? Are they right in their charge? Is Jesus vindicated or not? What’s the statement made (see Luke 5.24)?

U—UNITY of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4.3; also 4.13). How can we take this passage and use it to love one another, so that we’re knit together in love? Reflect on the following: 1) the grace we’ve all received from the Lord, as we see it in Luke 5.8-11. Remember and share it with one another. 2) Encouraging one another to prize Christ above all in the call to follow Him, particularly when it’s really hard, Luke 5.11. 3) The focus of the Christian life is clear in this passage, Luke 5.10. Remind one another of biblical priorities. 4) Some folks are outcasts. We find encouragement in Luke 5.12-16 to work on a willingness to minister to all. 5) You’ve believed in Christ. Therefore, your sins are forgiven, Luke 5.20, 24! Rejoice together in this grace!

I—IGNITE for Christ. What excellencies about Jesus ignite in us a greater love for Him that reaches out to all to make Him known? Consider His grace to sinful persons like us, Luke 5.8-11; His willingness to draw near to and restore us when we were unlovely, Luke 5.12-16; His authority to declare us forgiven, and have it confirmed for our hearts, Luke 5.20, 24; His love, by which He not only declared us forgiven, but died to purchase the forgiveness He, here, declared; His abounding grace, that He not only fished us out, but enlisted us in the man-fishing service of God, Luke 5.10.

P—PRAY that we will be astonished by Christ on Sunday night, Luke 5.9, 25-26. Astonished by grace!, and mobilized to make grace known to all peoples. Pray for our evangelistic obedience as a church, that we’ll endure in it even after we’ve long toiled and taken nothing! And, so, pray that as we continue to let down the nets, the Sovereign Lord of the catch would press a great multitude of His people into our midst!


1) And Can It Be
2) At the Cross (Love Ran Red)
3) My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness
4) Be Thou My Vision
5) Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective)