Christ Community Church

Sunday E.Q.U.I.P.

Sunday “E.Q.U.I.P.” is an exercise meant to better equip us for corporate worship on Sunday evenings. We want to help you reflect on the sermon passages and familiarize yourself with the songs we’ll sing.

This week’s passage is Luke 6.12-26.

E—EYES to the passage. Read Luke 6.12-26. As you have time, try reading Deuteronomy 28, or Psalm 1-2.

Q—QUESTIONS for reflection.

  1. In Luke 6.12-16, why do you think the selection of the apostles appears to be so critical? See Ephesians 2.19-22 for help.
  2. In the selection of the apostles, Luke saves Judas Iscariot for last. He’s important. How so in God’s plan? What does Jesus’ willingness to choose Judas say about Jesus (see Luke 22.42)? How is Judas a cautionary tale to both believers and unbelievers?
  3. How should we characterize Jesus’ pronouncements? Are these things we do to get blessed, or things that should mark us because we are blessed already? One is religion. The other is gospel.
  4. If you could simply state the practical thrust of these 4 ‘beatitudes’, how would you do it? For example, “Blessed are you who are poor,” means Christ’s people should be materially impoverished (I *don’t think that’s what Jesus is ultimately saying, btw! Just a test). So what should mark our lives in this world?
  5. We are blessed now, but the fullness of our blessedness is yet to come. What are the promises that Jesus attaches to our lives that encourage us to endure in such a life? Name them, and rejoice!
  6. If there were a predominant theme in the ‘woe’ section, what would it be? Know that whatever this is, it’s where your unbelieving friends reside. Weep for them and, at the cost of being ‘hated’, seek to share the exceeding grace, goodness, and glory of Christ with them.

U—UNITY of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4.3; also 4.13). How can we take this passage and use it to love one another, so that we’re knit together in love? Reflect on the following: 1) we are the church; 2) we are the blessed of God in this world; 3) that call forth a life that we must live and hold one another accountable to live; 4) that we have the fuel of Christ’s glorious promises to share with one another in order to spur one another on in the ‘blessed’ life; 5) that Christ assumes our faithfulness (see Luke 6.22), and challenges us to live risky lives for His sake; 6) Christ is worthy!

I—IGNITE for Christ. What excellencies about Jesus ignite in us a greater love for Him that reaches out to all to make Him known? Consider His prayerful care for His church (Luke 6.12), His willingness to embrace the cross (in choosing Judas Iscariot, Luke 6.16), His omnipotence and omnibenevolence (Luke 6.19), that He became a curse for us, that we might become the blessed in Him (Galatians 3.13-14, background to our passage), that He has won us glory (all the promises), but also a new life, a blessed life (the Beatitudes), and that He is worthy of being honored in our lives, whether by life or by death (Luke 6.22-23).

P—PRAY that we will enduringly prove to be Christ’s people in this present evil age—the blessed of God in a world of woe. Pray for our gospel humility, hunger for God, holy tears, and passion to prize the name of Jesus above all else. Pray for many living under the curse of God, because of their worldliness, to turn away from the trappings of this world to Christ and His saving grace and glory.


1) All People That On Earth Do Dwell
2) How Firm A Foundation
3) Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
4) O Church Arise
5) I Will Glory In My Redeemer