Christ Community Church


Thank you for supporting the ministry of Christ Community Church!  You can make one-time or recurring gifts by using the link below.

Financial gifts are 501c3 tax-deductible.

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Set up automatic bill pay service through your local bank with these instructions:

  1. Access your bank account from your bank’s website with your log-in ID and password. If you don’t have online access to your account, contact your bank to enroll.
  2. Locate the Bill Pay option/tab on your bank’s website and begin enrolling. Most banks require you to agree to their Bill Pay terms.
  3. Select the bank account you wish to pay your bills from.
  4. Select “Add a Bill” or “Add Payee.”
  5. Fill in the necessary information about Christ Community Church. The name of the payee will need to be: Christ Community Church
  6. The company address should be:
    PO Box 600589
    Newtonville, MA 02460
  7. Select the recurring payment option. The bank will automatically withdraw the amount you list from your bank account on the date of your choice each month and mail a check to Christ Community Church.
  8. Enter amount and payment date and select “Make Payments” or “Submit Payments.” Most banks will save your confirmation numbers and transactions for each bill. Writing down this information for your own records helps you keep track of your finances.

*Instructions adapted from: